Club Captain 2018
Stefan Gayton

Captains Log:

Captains Evening (23 May 2018)

Thank you to everyone who came this evening, great turnout.

Results for "Texas Scramble"
1st: Adam Welton/Lucas Osborne/Chris Oke with 47.9 (£8 each)
2nd: Neil Hailey/Jack Thompson/Stefan Gayton with 48.1 (£5 each)
3rd: Peter Colton/Gary Bolt/Conor Warren with 50.4 (£3 each)

The £5 winnings I received for 2nd place has been given to the Captains Charity

Captains Evening (16 May 2018)

Thank you to everyone who came this evening, great turnout.

Results for "Extreme Mulligans"
1st: Adam Welton with 29pts (£12)
2nd: Jack Thompson with 27pts (£10)
3rd: Martin Wallace with 25pts (£8)
4th: Dan Knight with 25pts (£5)
5th: Fin Holmes with 23pts (£3)

Captains Evening (9 May 2018)

Thank you to everyone who braved the weather and came to my first Captains evening, it is greatly appreciated.

Results for "Let it Ride"
1st: Adam Welton with 165pts (£8)
2nd: Gary Andrew with 160pts (£5)
3rd: Scott Bamford with 110pts (£3)

Fours Cup (28 April 2018)

Congratulations to A. Symons & G. Mckinney with an incredible score of 59 to take the Fours Cup.

Paul Weathers Cup (22 April 2018)

Congratulations to Phil Aston & Marlene Carder who won the Paul Weathers Cup.

Fullerton Cup Final (15 April 2018)

Congratulations to Gary Chapman & Dominic Butcher who won the Fullerton Cup against Jon Holwill & Alex Goodey

Fund Raising Day (14 April 2018)

Another great field with lots of fun.

I would like to personally thank Harrison King, Barnie Miller, Adam Welton and Lucas Osborne for their hard work running “Beat The King on 15th” and the 6 hole putting competition. As well as Jon Wigg, Paul Jordan, Sue Andrews and Fran Ryan. The catering and bar staff put on a fantastic BBQ and kept us with drinks – so a big thank you to them!

Great news as well. . . we managed to raise over £800 for the Club Development fund. . . Thank you all so much!

Captains Inauguration Dinner (31 March 2018)

The dinner was a great success, lots of eating, drinking and dancing until late.

Great news as well. . . we managed to raise £527 for the "Hugs from Henry" charity. . . Thank you all so much!

Captains Drive-In/New Years Cup (31 March 2018)

We had a great field for the Captains Drive-In/New Years Cup and luckily I managed to hit the Bob Maddison driver - not as far as I wanted (169 yards), but with Mr Sanford standing over me, saying I was going to hit it out of bounds left - I was just grateful to get it over the road.

After a great start on the front 9 with 22 points, I made the fatal mistake of asking Keith if it was ok for the Captain and Vice Captain to win the Captains Drive-In. . . to which he replied "I think you're getting a head of yourself, there's a long way to go". Wise words as we blew up on the back 9 with only 14 points. With that said we had a fantastic time; fun, laughter and a few shots of Jager. . . thank you to my playing partners; Andy Withey, Keith Rendell & Jon Holwill for making the round so enjoyable.

Congratulations to all the winners and good luck next time to those who did not get in the prizes.

I'm sure you'll all agree that it was a great day, thank you, very, very much!

Captains Acceptance Speech (28 March 2018)

Good evening Mr Chairman, Mr Treasurer, Mr President, Madam Ladies Captain and fellow Staddon members.

Thank you to all of you, not just for your support tonight, but for all those of you who have wished me good luck for the coming year, and there have been many of you. Some of you have asked if I am looking forward to my Captain’s year, to which I have replied “very much so”. Others have asked if I am daunted by it. Well when I look round the room tonight all I see are friends everywhere, so how can I be daunted?. I am sure I will receive lots of support throughout the year.

So, yes I am really looking forward to it.

A big thank you also to Terry for asking me to be his Vice-Captain, all those months ago. I will come back to Terry later.

I would also like to thank the committee, who have put their trust and faith in me, to endorse my nomination.

I am not sure how many of you know how the Captain is selected. Each year a conclave of wise men get together. These are the Chairman, Captain, Treasurer and the Trustees. They go through the list of potential candidates and come up with the preferred choice, which the Captain then contacts personally to invite him to be his Vice Captain.

I imagine the conversation went a bit like this, when they discussed me last year.

“So what about this Stef chap?”

“Is he physically up to the job?”

“He’s a bit overweight, got a dodgy knee and likes a pint”

“Oh dear, Well can he play golf?”

“He has one eye and is blind as a bat”

“Oh dear, Well what’s he like up top, will he be able to cope?”

“Well he can be a bit…. You know…. Funny”

“So what you are saying is that he’s a physical wreck, can’t play golf for toffee, and is as daft as a brush. Is that correct?”

“Well yes”

“Ok, he’ll do, Lets have him”

You know it wasn’t really like that………was it?

So, please forgive me for being deliberately flippant, but I did that on purpose. Because I want to set the scene on this being a fun year And Because if any of you catch me taking myself too seriously during the year, you have my permission to give me a kick up the back-side.

What I do take seriously is the role.

Firstly, I recognise the tremendous honour that you have given me in accepting me as Captain. I feel deeply privileged, especially when you see the names of those who have been Captain over the years. I also recognise the responsibilities that come with the role. In this respect, I will do my utmost to represent the club in the manner that you expect, when playing other clubs, and at other external events. Most importantly, I will do my best to represent you, the members, and to be available as often as possible to meet with you and to discuss any burning issues that you may have.

I am very pleased, I feel very humble and I feel very proud. Thank you very, very, much.

It now gives me great pleasure to thank Terry for his year as Captain.

Terry, you should be very proud of your Captaincy Year, as we are all proud of you. I have tried to think of two words that summarise Terry’s Captaincy. . .

Energetic and enthusiastic!

He’s always seemed to be at the club; Meeting and greeting visiting parties – making them feel welcome , Attending all sub-committees, Not afraid to challenge established ideas to move the club forward, Driving forward the Health & Safety Policy, Always available and chatting to members – taking note of their issues and so much more!

PLUS he’s had to cope with some rotten weather the last few months. . . I had half thought of presenting Terry with an umbrella tonight, or a DVD of the film Rainman, but thought that would be too un-gentlemanly.

Seriously though, the weather has never got him down; he’s always had a smile and joke Terry, you’ve been a fantastic Captain Thank you from all of us !!!

It’s now another pleasure for me to introduce Andy Withey as the nominee as my Vice-Captain. Please can we have a show of hands to approve Andy’s nomination as Vice-Captain.

And last but not least. . . The Captains charity for the coming year will be “Hugs from Henry”.

Hugs From Henry is a Plymouth based charity that helps families affected by childhood cancer, neuroblastoma. Neuroblastoma is a cancer of the sympathetic nervous system and most commonly occurs on the adrenal glands or nerve tissue in the spinal cord in the chest, abdomen and neck. It is classified as a rare cancer as it affects up to 150 children a year. It’s the second most common solid tumour and is renowned for being difficult to treat.

Generally it affects children under five years however older children are also diagnosed with it and it is known that babies can be diagnosed while still in gestation. Whether its emotional support, making a memory or helping families keep in touch, Hugs From Henry provides them with a place to turn.

I hope everyone will show their support this year for this deserving local children’s charity.

Once again, thank you very much for your time this evening and I look forward to seeing you all at the Drive-In on Saturday.

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