January 2019

02-Jan: Ladies: 18/9 hole Stableford Qualifier
09-Jan: Ladies: American Greensomes 12 hole
13-Jan: Men: Fullerton Cup Close Date
14-Jan: Men: Fullerton Cup Draw Click Here
16-Jan: Ladies: Yellow ball 12 hole Stableford
20-Jan: Mixed Fours Results
23-Jan: Ladies: 3 Clubs + Putter 12 Hole Stableford Results
27-Jan: Men: Fullerton Cup (Round 1) Results
30-Jan: Ladies: 4 Ball Team Matchplay 12 hole

February 2019

03-Feb: Men: Medal (Cancelled)
06-Feb: Ladies: 18/9 Hole Stableford Qualifier
08-Feb: Presentation Evening
10-Feb: Men: Fullerton Cup (Round 2) Results
13-Feb: Ladies: 4 Ball Mixed Club 12 Hole Stableford
15-Feb: Men: Admiral May Entry Sheet
17-Feb: Men: Medal Results
17-Feb: Mixed Fours Results
20-Feb: Ladies: Texas Scramble 12 Hole
24-Feb: Men: Fullerton Cup (Round 3) Results
27-Feb: Ladies: 12 Hole Stableford Results

March 2019

03-Mar: Men: Medal (Cancelled)
06-Mar: Ladies: Captains Fun Day 12 Hole Stableford
10-Mar: Men: Fullerton Cup (Quarter-Final) Results
11-Mar: Ladies: Coffee Morning Start Sheet
13-Mar: Ladies: England Medal Results
15-Mar: Men: Admiral May Close Date
16 Mar: Optional Stableford
17-Mar: Optional Stableford Results
17-Mar: Mixed Fours
18-Mar: Men: Admiral May Draw Draw
20-Mar: Ladies: DCLGA Stableford Results
23-Mar: Optional Stableford Results
24-Mar: Optional Stableford Results
24-Mar: Men: Fullerton Cup (Semi-Final) Results
24-Mar: Mixed v Teignmouth
27-Mar: Lady Captains Drive In + England Medal
30-Mar: Captains Drive-In and New Years Cup Results
31-Mar: Men: Fame Trophy Entry Sheet

April 2019

03-Apr: Ladies: Medalford
07-Apr: Men: Medal and EGU Gold Medal Results
10-Apr: Ladies: England Medal/Stableford/Grandmothers Results
13-Apr: Optional Stableford Results
14-Apr: Optional Stableford Results
17-Apr: Ladies: DCLGA/Stableford/Grandmothers
19-Apr: Men: Morley Trophy Entry Sheet
19-Apr: Men: Scratch Shield Entry Sheet
20-Apr: Fundraising Day Results
24-Apr: Ladies: Express and Echo Foursomes
27-Apr: Fours Cup Results
28-Apr: Mixed: Paul Weathers Cup Results
28-Apr: Men: Fame Trophy Close Date

May 2019

01-May: Men: Fame Trophy Draw
01-May: Ladies: Delaney Scramble
02-May: Seniors: Gordon Moore Trophy
05-May: Medal + Ferry Cup Results
08-May: Ladies: England Medal (langley/Isaaman) Results
11-May: Men: 3 Ball Open Results
15-May: Ladies: DCLGA/Gosling/Vets Trophy
19-May: Optional Stableford Results
19-May: Mixed Fours
20-May: Ladies: 4 Ball Team Open
22-May: Ladies: Spring Cup Results
23-May: Seniors: Centenary Claret
23-May: Ladies: Club Championships Results
25-May: Optional Stableford Results
26-May: Optional Stableford Results
27-May: Optional Stableford Results
29-May: Ladies: Warren Crocus Greensomes
30-May: Seniors: Millenium Comp Results
31-May: Men: Morley Trophy Close Date
31-May: Men: Scratch Shield Close Date

June 2019

01-Jun: Morley Trophy Draw
01-Jun: Scratch Shield Draw
01-Jun: Men: Guest Day Results
05-Jun: Ladies: Edna Oliver Par Cup Results
06-Jun: Seniors: David Rawle Salver Results
08-Jun: Jubilee Cup Results
12-Jun: Ladies: England Medal/Derry Bowl/Doris West Results
15-June: 11 v 12 Charity Roll Up Results
16-Jun: Men: Medal and Commemoration Cup Results
19-Jun: Ladies: DCLGA + McMillan Charity Results
20-Jun: Seniors: Fundraising Day
22-Jun: Men: Club Championship Round 1 Gross | Nett
23-Jun: Men: Club Championship Round 2 Gross | Nett
Club Championships Overall Results Gross | Nett
26-Jun: Ladies: Invitation Day
30-Jun: Mixed Fours

July 2019

03-Jul: Ladies: Summer Greensomes Cup Results
04-Jul: Seniors: Bevan Cup
06-Jul: Captains Day Results
08-Jul: Ladies: 4 Ball Team Open Start Sheet
10-Jul: Ladies: Medal/Cory/Celebration/Clover/Motley Bowl Results
11-Jul: Seniors Open
13-Jul: Captains Charity Day Results
17-Jul: Ladies: DCLGA Stableford/Shillabeer Cup Results
21-Jul: Men: Medal Results
24-Jul: Lady Captains Day Results
25-Jul: Seniors: George Smale Rose Bowl
27-Jul: Optional Stableford Results
28-Jul: Optional Stableford Results

August 2019

02-Aug: Men: Over 50s Open 4BBB
04-Aug: Mixed Fours
07-Aug: Ladies: England Medal Results
08-Aug: Seniors: SW Team Championship
09-Aug: Men: Past Captains Shield (Postponed)
10-Aug: Optional Stableford Results
11-Aug: Optional Stableford Results
14-Aug: Ladies: 12 Hole Texas Scramble
14-Aug: British Fireworks Championships
15-Aug: British Fireworks Championships
17-Aug: Professionals Day
21-Aug: Ladies: DCLGA Stableford/Primrose Plate Results
22-Aug: Seniors: Club Championships Gross Nett
25-Aug: Men: Medal and Shillabeer Salver Results
28-Aug: Ladies: 3 Clubs + Putter Stableford

September 2019

01-Sep: Mixed Open
04-Sep: Ladies v Seniors
08-Sep: Medal Results
11-Sep: Ladies: Medal/Raddon Plaque/Motley Bowl
15-Sep: Presidents Day Results
16-Sep: Ladies: Vets 4 Ball Team Open Results
18-Sep: Ladies: DCLGA Stableford/Mary Horler Cup
21-Sep: Men: 3BBB Open Results
22-Sep: Mixed Fours
25-Sep: Ladies: Dail Mail Qualifier Results
29-Sep: Foundation Day (Cancelled)

October 2019

02-Oct: Ladies: Winter Greensomes Cup Results
06-Oct: Men: Medal and EBG (Cancelled)
07-Oct: Ladies: Texas Scramble Open (Cancelled)
09-Oct: Ladies: England Medal Results
11-Oct: Men: Over 50s 4BBB Open (Cancelled)
12-Oct: Optional Stableford (Cancelled)
13-Oct: Optional Stableford (Cancelled)
13-Oct: Mixed: Bevan Cup (Cancelled)
16-Oct: Ladies: DCLGA Stableford Results
20-Oct: Gin Cup Results
26-Oct: Autumn Fundraising Day (Postponed)

November 2019

03-Nov: Past Captains Shield
10-Nov: Men Winter Greensomes (Postponed)
15-Nov: Autumn Fundraising Day
24-Nov: Ron Parkhouse Cup

December 2019

02-Dec: Ladies Christmas Coffee Morning
22-Dec: Turkey Trot

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